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64B Chestergate
Macclesfield, SK11 6DY
United Kingdom

bib and tucker - luxury neckerchiefs for dogs. Handmade in Cheshire, UK.

We create a range of iconic dog neckerchiefs to ensure your dog looks their best.

Introducing MuttMate - Social media for you & your dog.


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Introducing MuttMate - Social media for you & your dog.

Chris Adams

If there is one thing we have found this past year, it's that having a dog is incredibly social. We love getting out & talking with fellow dog owners to exchange interests. Once we heard there was a dedicated site providing relevant and useful interactions for dog owners, we created a profile right away. 


MuttMate is a dog social networking site created specifically to connect and make friends with other dog owners in your town. 

This site has enabled us to connect and find new friendships, social events and dog-related news in our area.  We have created a shared-interest ‘MuttClub’, inviting others to join and attend local meet-ups.  From breed clubs to walking groups, MuttMate offers dog owners the opportunity to grow a canine community.  It's easy to create ‘Pack’ events & personal reminders to ensure you never forget important dates for your four legged family members.

MuttMate - Connecting a community of dog lovers. 

MuttMate - Connecting a community of dog lovers. 

Where will your profile take you?  If you’re crazy about cavaliers, love labradoodles or bonkers for bulldogs (like us!) Make it social and invite local owners to join your MuttClub and share your breed obsession. Even keep fit with your dog and grow the latest CaniSport craze through local active MuttClubs.  Try harnessed running (CaniCross), biking (BikeJor) or dog ‘scootering’ and enjoy healthy fun with other active owners.

Sarah Edwards - MuttMate founder

Sarah Edwards - MuttMate founder

Make sure your part of the growing number of MuttMates in your area, lets make your town the most canine connected from miles around. Join today.