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Keeping your pooch happy this Bonfire night


Keeping your pooch happy this Bonfire night

Chris Adams

As Bonfire night approaches, not all of us are overly thrilled with the prospect of “firework season” as most. Fireworks can make our four-legged friends anxious and nervous. Not all dogs react the same way when it comes to fireworks. Some are not phased in the slightest, whereas others can react very badly.

Here at Bib & Tucker, dogs are our first priority and we want to make sure all our Bib & Tucker furry friends are happy and safe this year. Therefore, we have compiled some hints & tips on how to keep your pooch happy this bonfire night.

1.      Get your pooch used to loud noises

You can do this by playing a sound CD with fireworks and other noises at a low level to get your dog used to hearing these sounds.

If you do not have a sound CD, Youtube have some sound videos you can use. You can find some useful links here:

2.      Act Normal

Try and act as normal as possible. It is very hard to do, but try not to make a big deal of the noises and instead, close the curtains (and windows) and turn the TV up to minimise the noise from Fireworks outside.

3.      Dog Walks         

Take your dog out for a walk as early as possible. This is increasingly difficult as the nights draw in a lot earlier however it is important to keep your animals indoors to minimise any negative effects fireworks have on your furry friend.

4.      Pet Remedies

Remember to consult your vet if your dog has any health problems, or is taking any medication before giving any remedies to help him/her cope with fireworks night. Adaptil have a range of diffusers, tablets and special collars to help calm your pet.

5.      Safe Place

Make a safe den for your dog to retreat to if he/she feels scared. It is important that your dog can smell your scent and feels comfortable.

6.      Don’t leave

Try not to leave your pets alone when fireworks are going off. Dogs tend to feel safest around their owners, so try as much as you can to be there for them.


We hope that the above tips prove useful to you, and from all of us here at Bib & Tucker we hope you have a happy, safe and enjoyable Bonfire night.